Admitting a loved one may need outside help can be difficult to come to terms with. The topic can be met with resistance and hesitation from both your loved one and other family members. Unfortunately, this can lead to seniors not receiving the right care and support that they need. It can also cause disagreement between family members when a decision cannot be reached. Often, family members alone are not equipped enough to care for their elderly relative or may not have the time to devote to such care. There is no shame in admitting this and turning to some level of outside help. Professional caregivers are skilled and experienced carers. They are passionate about their job and will treat your loved one with the upmost respect and dignity.

Keep an eye out for some common signs that may mean it is time you had the conversation about outside help for your loved one.

Pay attention to such signs as: medications being missed, personal hygiene deteriorating, or household chores and pets not getting the attention they once would. Memory difficulties such as forgetting names, dates and addresses can also be indicators.

Although bringing up this conversation might not be easy, know that sometimes asking for help can actually lead to greater independence for the person. Carers can aid with mobility, daily exercises, transportation needs, as well as any healthcare needs. Services offer tailored care plans for each individual so if you feel your loved one only needs one hour of help a day or around the clock care, the choice is yours to make. You pay for only what you need.

Staffing agencies are often the most reliable and stress-free option when it comes to hiring help. Trying to find your own care worker through word of mouth or online can often lead to inexperienced or underqualified people caring for your loved one. These agency services are trusted, reliable and often have years of experience in caring for older people in the home. They also take care of the important tasks such as payroll, conducting background checks, reference checks, as well performing all administrative duties. Tasks that can be stressful and time consuming for family members.

It is ultimately your decision on what next step is right for you and your loved one so research all your options before coming to a decision.

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