Pet Companionship for Older People


Loneliness is a very difficult thing to see an elderly loved one experience. For elderly people living on their own, days can seem long hours and boring. Although family members can visit daily, often...


Make Your Home Dementia Friendly


Coming to terms with a loved one being diagnosed with dementia can be extremely difficult and hard to accept. As difficult as it may be though, it is important to ensure the person diagnosed is as com...


Fall Prevention Strategies for Seniors

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One of the main causes of senior hospitalizations is due to a fall, often in the person’s home environment. As the natural aging process occurs, such as deteriorating eyesight, stiffening of joints...


When to Ask for Help


Admitting a loved one may need outside help can be difficult to come to terms with. The topic can be met with resistance and hesitation from both your loved one and other family members. Unfortunately...